The Supreme Court ruled that the 150 kilometre living distance in the 30% ruling is not in violation with European law.

The following conditions has to be met to be eligible for the 30% ruling:

  • There must be an employed person;
  • With a minimal annual gross wage of €36.899 (2016) and
  • The employee must live 16 of the 24 months at a minimal distance of 150 kilometre of the Dutch border.

Earlier in 2015 the European Court of Justice ruled in a preliminary ruling that the 150 kilometre condition and the 30% ruling are not in violation with European law. The European Court of Justice also ruled that the 30% ruling could in some cases be an overcompensation for the extraterritorial cost of the expat. However, it is the authority of the national judge to judge if the 30% ruling in a specific case would be a overcompensation for extraterritorial cost.

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